Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Monte-Carlo Murders

First there was 1950s Paris;
Then there was 1920s Chicago;
Then there was 1900 Paris;

Now it’s 1950s Monte Carlo
The palace of Prince Reynard on a very specific date: the evening of 12th May 1951. As Europe recovers from the horrors of the Second World War, perhaps one more death shouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. But when the corpse of Roxy Foxx, actress, is discovered on a private beach in Monte Carlo, the international jet set are bound to gossip.

Exclusive beach
The body is found on a beach that can only be reached through the palace of Prince Reynard. Who are the guests on the night of the murder? And can the host be trusted?

Suspicious dinner guests
  • Prince Reynard – the most eligible bachelor in Europe, but what is he doing being engaged to his cousin?
  • Princess Peacock – a distant cousin of Prince Reynard and the last survivor of an obscure branch of Bavarian royalty, and what did you do in the war, Princess?
  • Amy Jackson – the celebrated female pilot who flew missions for the RAF during the war, and, yes, that is a two-seater plane she arrived in, folks - but who did she bring?
  • Colonel Jock Strapp – a distinguished Scottish veteran (well-travelled, accounting for his unstable wandering accent) who won a Victoria Cross on D-Day but never returned to Britain - and why not?

From the sporting and film industries
  • Bobbie Driver – the unofficial women’s world champion golfer who is trying to break into movies, but where are her balls and are they made of chocolate?
  • Alfred Higginbottom – an English film director, currently the most powerful man in Hollywood; did he know the dead starlet, and was she going to star in his next film?
  • Cassandra – a newly-famous film star accompanying the director as they seek movie locations; she's soon to be in a sequel to the smash-hit film that starred Roxy Foxx!
  • Lady Lummy – one of the best-known, with-it, hip&happening, dance-band leaders in America, currently hipstering around Europe on tour; she introduced a famous detective into the midst and guided the house party through the clues....

Who Murdered Roxy Foxx?
The sumptuous menu did nothing to alleviate the tension as clue after clue, drink after drink, accusation after accusation and revelation after sordid revelation discombobulated the assembled celebrities.  Inspector Hercule McClue did unmask a Prime Suspect by the end of the evening but the forthcoming trial means it is not possible to reveal who will stand in the dock….