Friday, 27 January 2017

Death by Chocolate

First there was Who Murdered Rick Toad

Then there was Stiffed at the Speakeasy

Now, it is 1900 Paris*

*otherwise known as New Year’s Eve 2016 Shipley….
The very upmarket Parisian hotel, Hotel Paradiso, is full. Millions of visitors are arriving for the opening of the International Exposition.

Celebrity Visitors include

Monsieur ‘Chocolate’ Bertrand – the leading Belgian chocolate manufacturer
Marchioness Duchamp – a notorious avant-garde artist
Dr Doris Johnson – an eccentric amateur archaologist
Maria von Schnapps – a young and important figure in the chocolate industry
Dame Barbara Carthorse – an English romantic novelist
Dr Sigmundia Fraud – the controversial Viennese psychologist
Mike Bison – an American boxer from New York


An explosion rocks the peace of the hotel. The foremost chocolate manufacturer from America, Mr Billy Bonka, has been found in the ruins and rubble of his hotel room. Who delivered the exploding chocolate to his room? How involved were the guests with the mysterious Billy Bonka? Who could have the motive and means to enact such a dastardly deed? Did Detective Hercule McClue solve the Mystery of the Death of Billy Bonka? Discretion prevents this blog from revealing the guilty party!
Dr Doris Johnson proffers a marshmallow to the chocolate fountain - is it a clue?