Wednesday, 30 September 2015

One step at a time

Attention must be paid

As Mark Forster eloquently explained (click to see blog here) you can only change things by Giving Attention to them.

Destroying a shed

Having decided to take down the wooden playhouse in the garden (to chop up for firewood for our stove…. gotta budget now we’re retired and make use of everything!...) it didn’t seem possible that it would ever be finished. It took three of us the best part of a week to deconstruct a roof, two floors joined by a ladder, four walls and a door. Many splinters later and having acquired aches and pains in places I didn’t know I had, today the final kindling was transferred to the cellar. God knows how many nails were claw-hammered out.
Courtesy of David Wolfe's Facebook posts

One step at a time

The biggest of tasks can be completed with a will and a willingness to surrender yourself to the time and attention it takes. One step at a time. The following quotation has been ascribed to both Henry Ford and Albert Einstein - it resonates with me every time I feel uncertain about doing something different.

Free scope

In All’s Well That Ends Well, one of Shakespeare’s most under-rated plays, the complex and courageous Helena recognizes that if she remains “dull” (passive, inactive) then she will not be able to determine her own destiny; she has free scope and decides to find a remedy within herself.
Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie 
Which we ascribe to heaven. The fated sky 
Gives us free scope, only doth backward pull 
Our slow designs when we ourselves are dull.
Judi Dench as the Countess and Claudie Blakley as Helena in All's Well That Ends Well