Friday, 27 March 2015

Who Murdered Rick Toad?

So there was an invitation….

To Rick Toad’s Mansion.

And the guests were welcomed….

With protection from paparazzi and a thousand candles.

The places were set….

And mysterious Madame Velda tried to reassure cocky Jayne (Wayne) Fonda of her powers to predict the future.

Spirits were high….

Mae Vest, Marlon Mean, Rock Houston, Princess Grace of Ruritania and Marilyn Mansfield joined Madame Velda and Jayne (Wayne) Fonda.

Despite the frothing bubbly….
They all learned that successful agent to the stars, Rick Toad, the “Most Powerful Man In Entertainment,” had been found floating in the swimming pool surrounded by red roses. As Warwick intones in Shakespeare's Henry VI Part One: "You see what mischief and what murder too / Hath been enacted...."

Who Murdered Rick Toad?

The Goldfinger Food, Cecil Beef DeMillionaire, Rebel Potatoes Without A Cause, Broccoli Named Desire, Some Like It Jus, Sunset Jellovard and Dial S For Strawberry did nothing to alleviate the tension as clue after clue, drink after drink, accusation after accusation and revelation after sordid revelation ratcheted up the tension.  Luckily the murderer was unmasked before the end of the night but discretion – and a forthcoming trial – means I could not possibly say who perpetrated the dastardly deed….